Executive Director, International Programs [location: Europe/Israel]

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About The Position:

The Executive Director of International Programs has overall responsibility for JDC’s work in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as JDC-GRID and JDC-Entwine. The Executive Director, International Programs will be a member of a highly collaborative Executive management team in addition to participating in other management cohorts.

JDC, envisions the development of self-sustainable and resilient Jewish communities which care for their vulnerable members and are committed to one another as part of an even larger community. We work toward this through our programming, training, funding and ongoing partnerships with communities. JDC’s priority directions include Care for Vulnerable Jews; Strengthening Jewish Communities; Access, Resilience & Security; Regional Leadership Training; and Camping (Szarvas International Camp). The Executive Director, International Programs, will lead and direct JDC’s work in these and additional fields in Europe, Africa and Asia, supervising some 70 individuals and managing a budget of approx. US $15 million. 

In addition, the Executive Director, International Programs will be responsible for the executive supervision (including strategic, programmatic and budgetary oversight) of the Executive Directors of JDC-GRID and JDC-Entwine and of the Regional Director of JDC Latin America. These 3 programmatic departments operate an approximate combined budget of US $12.7 million and the three teams amount to a headcount of 55 employees.

See reporting structure:

 Reporting Structure, Executive Director International Programs.pdf

What Will You Do As The Executive Director- International Programs?

Direct Management and Oversight: Europe Africa and Asia

·        Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of JDC’s engagement and intervention in Europe, Africa and Asia.

·        Develop short- and long-term strategic plans to ensure JDC’s ability to effectively respond to evolving challenges.

·        Evaluate global and regional Jewish community and socio-economic trends and assess current needs to ensure a programmatic vision that expresses JDC values.

·        Develop, maintain and grow existing and new partnerships with stakeholders in Europe, Africa and Asia, including community leadership, funding and programmatic partners, pan-regional organizations and institutions.

·        Engage with developments within Jewish communities across the regions, including understanding their structure, characteristics and local sensitivities. Ensure that JDC maintains its non-partisan approach on religious, ideological and political matters opposite the local communities and countries.

·        Accountable for grant compliance, quality control, and audit of JDC beneficiaries.

·        Interface with JDC’s Board of Directors (including the facilitation of Board Committee Meetings) and closely collaborate with the Chairs of the Europe and the Africa Asia Committees and their Committee members.

·        Collaborate with the Resource Development Department and support their efforts in securing JDC funding.

·        Educate and engage JDC lay leaders, mission participants and others on JDC’s fieldwork.

·        Build and maintain partnerships with individual donors and foundations.

·        Ensure that JDC employs highly motivated, well-trained and quality-oriented staff across the regions.

·        Represent JDC at external forums


Executive Supervision: Entwine, GRID, Latin America

Supervise the Regional Director of JDC Latin America in their work, which seeks to foster a regional network of mutual enrichment, solidarity, and responsibility among Jewish communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

·        Provide strategic oversight of JDC Latin America, ensuring that programmatic offerings are engineered toward the accomplishment of its long-term goals.

·        Assist the Latin America Regional Director in ongoing reprioritization of emerging needs across the continent.

·        Oversee the Regional Director, Latin America in their interface with the Board of Directors and the work with the Latin America Board Committee.

·        Assist the Regional Director of Latin America in ensuring strong collaboration with the Resource Development Department.

Supervise the Executive Director of JDC GRID in their work leading the Jewish response to global crises.

·        Oversight of GRID strategic directions, which focus on:

o  Delivering disaster relief and long-term recovery assistance.

o  Providing people living in poverty opportunities to become economically self-sufficient, focusing on women and agriculture.

o  Providing life-saving health services to disadvantaged populations.

·        Assist the GRID Executive Director in their goal of increasing and diversifying income sources and in ensuring strong collaboration with the Resource Development Department.

·        Oversee the GRID Executive Director in their interface with the Board of Directors and the work with the GRID Board Committee.

Supervise the Executive Director of JDC Entwine in their work, which seeks to catalyze Jewish young adults to view Jewish responsibility as core to their identity and to affirm their Jewish values, and to develop leaders for the Jewish community. 

·        Provide strategic oversight of JDC Entwine.

·        Assist the Entwine Executive Director in ensuring that effective programmatic vehicles are utilized to achieve the core goals of Entwine.

·        Supervise the Executive Director of Entwine in the building, development, maintenance and growth of internal and external partnerships.

·        Oversee the Entwine Executive Director in their interface with the Board of Directors and the work with the Entwine Board Committee.

·        Assist the Executive Director of Entwine in ensuring strong collaboration with the Resource Development Department.

What Qualifications Does This Job Require?

·        In-depth knowledge and understanding of Jewish communities and trends across the regions. 

·        High level of expertise with Jewish communal institutions and services.

·        Substantial familiarity with JDC’s engagement in Europe, Africa and Asia strongly preferred.

·        Significant managerial experience and excellent managerial skills.

·        Sophisticated strategic thinker.

·        High cultural dexterity; ability to communicate with and facilitate communication between people of different cultures and backgrounds.

·        Extremely strong interpersonal and partnering skills. Highly collaborative.

·        Master’s degree.

·        Experience in supervising culturally diverse staff based in multiple locations.

·        Effective and engaging public speaker in English.

·        Able to travel extensively.

·        Based in Europe or Israel.

Physical Demands

·        Visual acuity to read words and numbers

·        Sufficient hand, arm and finger dexterity to operate a computer keyboard and other office equipment

·        Speaking and hearing ability sufficient to communicate in person or over the telephone

·        JDC provides reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities and encourages employees to request reasonable accommodations when needed


Additional Details:

Employment Type: Full Time regular

Location: Europe Or Israel

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

Final date for application: May 9th, 2021

Why work at JDC?

·        The People – What we hear most from our team members is that they enjoy working with others who share their passion for doing good; Our staff aim to use their skills to make a positive difference in the lives of others

·        A Global Environment – you will have the opportunity to develop a global perspective, working with staff from the U.S., Israel, the Former Soviet Union, and all over the world

·        Tikkun Olam – This Jewish value of “repairing the world” is deeply important to us. Together, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of others


 Equal Employment Opportunity

JDC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. As the world’s leading global Jewish humanitarian organization, we are committed to treating people with compassion and respect. All qualified applications will be considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, disability, mental disorder, familial status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic as established by law.

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