Accessibility statement

The accessibility arrangements of the JDC Israel offices:

The JDC Israel offices are located at 9 Kaplan St., in Jerusalem. To arrive by private vehicle: write “Joint Israel/JDC” in Waze.

Public transportation arrival:

  • Joint/Balfour station (station no. 9915) Bus lines: 68, 14, 35, 9, 42, 100 (drop-off station only).
  • Wolfson/Kaplan station (station no. 4215) Bus lines: 35, 430 (drop-off station only), 184 (drop-off only), 194 (drop-off only), 113, 122.
  • Givat Ram campus station (station no. 4190) Bus lines: 68, 7, 42, 100 (drop-off station only).

The offices have two accessible entrances:

  1. The entrance to the building, from the north, at the intersection of Wolfson Boulevard and Balfour Road. In front of the building, there is marked disabled parking (on instruction), and the entry forms to the building are accessible.
  2. Guest entrance from the south – the rear entrance to the building, from the south – the parking lot of the building. There are 3 disabled parking spaces in the parking lot, and the back entrance is accessible.
  • An elevator in the lobby of the building leads to the first and second floors.
  • There is an elevator for the disabled that reaches all floors.
  • Safety railing on all stairs.
  • There are two standard disabled services in the building: on the first floor and on the entrance floor.
  • The entrance to the cafeteria and meeting rooms is accessible.
  • There is a marking of external stairs and a railing for every four stairs.
  • Directional signage is accessible.
  • The access roads and passages are spacious.
  • Accessible waiting area.
  • Call routing system without background music.
  • You can enter with service animals.
  • In order to receive information in accessible formats – contact the accessibility coordinator.
  • Joint Israel employees underwent accessible service training, including experiential experiences.
  • The organization’s procedures were adjusted to preserve the accessibility arrangements.
  • An emergency evacuation procedure for people with disabilities exists and is practiced.

Accessibility Coordinator:

For any questions, you can contact the accessibility coordinator at the Haya Erez organization 02-6557114 | [email protected].

Contact method:

If you have encountered special requests regarding accessibility, we will be happy if you contact us in one of the following ways: Phone: 02-6557114 Email: [email protected].

The accessibility arrangements of the training centers:

The training center in Be’er Sheva
Address: Yehuda Halevi 111, Beer Sheva

The ways to the training center
For public arrivals: Central train | Beer Sheva Central Station >> direct line 6,8 (Dan in the south) >> Key College bus stop, 2 minutes walking distance from the training center.
For those arriving by private car: parking on Yehuda Halevi Street (free parking).

Parking for the disabled – there are parking spaces for the disabled and parking for tall vehicles inside the training center complex.

Services for the disabled – there are services for the disabled in the training center, and there is signage.

Accessible road – the road to the training center is accessible.

Elevator – there is a visitor elevator inside the training center (an elevator that belongs to the center).

Entrance door – the entrance door to the center is accessible.

Signage – there is signage.

Contact name for providing assistance and for requests adjustments in trainings:
Mili Blum-Zach: [email protected] | 052-8797024

Training Center in Lod – The Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation of Israel, Israel’s Social

Website: https://www.hackaveret.org/

Address: 34 Hashmonaim St., Lod

How to get to the training center

For those arriving by public transport:

  • Station No. 33782 – Lines 1, 3, 13, 239, 247
  • Station No. 30958 – lines 21, 22, 144, 150, 170, 228, 244, 249, 461

For those arriving by private car: Many free parking options: across the street in front of the center building, in the parking lot of the police headquarters next to the center building, in a public parking lot next to the policeman’s square – including disabled parking

Services for the disabled – on each of the two floors in the building, with appropriate signage.

Accessible road – the road to the training center is accessible.

Elevator – one elevator in the center of the building that leads to the two floors where the activity takes place.

Entrance door – the entrance door to the building is at the front facing the common square and is accessible.

Signage – The signage will be hung in the building in the near future.

Contact name for providing assistance and for requests for adjustments in trainings:

Batal Dahan: 02-6557108 | [email protected]

Website Accessibility

JDC Israel considers it imperative to ensure the accessibility of the website for people with disabilities, with the goal of facilitating easy and comfortable browsing for all. The Joint Israel website has been established and/or updated in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, 1998, and its subsidiary legislation. Notably, it adheres to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA.

Accessibility Features on the Site

The website incorporates various features to enhance accessibility, including:

Accessibility menu:

  • Changing the background to dark and reverting to the original state.
  • Increasing and decreasing font sizes.
  • Slider accessibility.
  • Highlighting links.

Skip to areas on the site:

  • Skip to the main menu.
  • Skip to the search field.
  • Skip to the home page.

List of accessibility features available on the site:

  • Photo presentation controls (stop, play, and navigation between photos).
  • Links: Pressing the TAB key allows switching between links and highlighting them.
  • Reading software: Utilization of ARIA rules for screen reading.
  • Images: Use of alternative texts for images.
  • Compatibility with NVDA screen reader software.

Accessibility Restrictions and Inquiries

While Joint Israel strives to make all website content accessible, it acknowledges challenges with external websites linked to the site. Since these external sites are operated and maintained by different entities, Joint Israel cannot verify full compliance with legal provisions.

For complaints regarding the non-compliance of the Joint Israel website with accessibility laws, please contact the Digital Manager, Maki Dobrov:

Statement dated: 09/2023




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