Knowledge Development during the Corona Crisis

The new reality of life in the shadow of the coronavirus requires us to behave differently, to develop innovative work methods, to think out of the box and to find solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable communities. As Israel’s center for social service research and development, the Joint has adapted its plan of action to this new situation and produced and collected professional insights, tools and best practices. We invite you - social service professionals and the general public - to make use of the knowledge we have accumulated.

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We are Israel's center for social R&D, working in strategic cooperation with the government, municipalities and local authorities, the non-profit and business sectors, and other partners.

Dealing with Crisis Since 1914

The Joint operates in 70 countries, providing a safety net for Jews in distress, strengthening and building Jewish communities, and supplying relief and rescue in times of crisis and disaster.

Knowledge: How to Deal with the Crisis?

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