Advancing Social Mobility in the Geo-social Periphery and in the Arab Sector

Reducing inequality of opportunity between Arab and Jewish sectors, and between children growing up in wealthier and poorer areas of the country.

Current Measures


The income gap between workers in the geographic center and the periphery


The gap in the rate of higher education between the geographic center and the periphery


The gap in the Multidimensional Poverty Indexes between Arab and Jewish communities

The Challenge

Children, youth, and families in Arab society and in the geosocial periphery have few opportunities to thrive and realize their potential compared to their counterparts in Jewish and more developed urban areas. This problem is often passed down from one generation to the next: children who cannot access opportunities to improve the quality of their lives grow into parents of children who face the same barriers.

Did You Know?

Social mobility is the ability to move up the social ladder by changing the socioeconomic status into which one was born. There is a strong correlation between low social mobility and high inequality in society.

Social mobility contributes to an individual’s quality of life. Low rates of social mobility among disadvantaged sectors are a leading factor in Israel’s falling short of its potential for economic growth and productivity, in the high costs of welfare and rehabilitative services, and in the harming of social cohesion.



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Stories from the Field

The personal story and success of every program participant is a whole world in itself. We invite you to get to know the people behind the numbers.

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