To develop approaches and practices that will prepare students of all backgrounds to cope with and participate in a changing world.

To harness the combined efforts of activists, academia, and administrative staff to make educational opportunities available to students of all backgrounds.

The Need:

The Israeli education system is one of the most unequal in the Western world. Data indicates a lack of opportunity and widening gaps in achievement among students on the basis of socioeconomic background.  The education system is not doing enough to increase social mobility, improve students’ prospects for future work productivity, and close social gaps.

Although the 21st century brings with it more opportunities for participation and success than students ever knew in the past, social and structural barriers persist. These need to be dismantled, and new teaching methods need to be developed to maximize the participation of all students. This will require continuous investment in the professional development of educational staff.

Target Population:

Elementary school staff and students.


The two-year plan will develop approaches and practices based on research and experience in Israel and abroad while implementing these in the field throughout the development process.