The annual conference of the ‘Worth Development’ program

The annual conference of the project “Shava Pituach” was held last month. Over 120 senior executives from the business world and the largest companies in the economy, along with many others, attended the conference to hear and discuss the business opportunities in development, emphasizing comprehensive design, products, and services for people with disabilities.

Yossi’s Bus

Last week, the second tour of Yossi’s Bus was held, a joint initiative of JDC-ELKA and the Bachar family, as part of the scholarship in memory of the late Dr. Yossi Bachar, former CEO of the Ministry of Finance, Chair of Discount Bank and Chair of the JDC-ELKA Advisory Committee.

Emergency Aid to Haiti

The Joint Distribution Committee has sent vital medical supplies to Haiti in the wake of the powerful earthquake. The Joint’s International Development and Disaster Response unit is also raising funds for the victims.

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