Workforce Integration and Productivity

Raising labor productivity in a dynamic job market with a focus on developing the human capital of those both in and on the way into employment, and developing businesses in industries with low productivity.

Current Measures


Unemployment rate following COVID-19

as opposed to 3.7% in June 2019.


This is the median wage in Israel

One of the lowest among OECD countries

31 of 36

Israel’s Ranking

Among OECD countries according to the Gini Coefficient Index for Income inequality

The Challenge

The median wage in Israel is one of the lowest in the OECD among comparable countries (Austria, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden). This is largely due to low productivity in the economy. Low productivity affects both net wages and public services, which in turn contributes to the quality of life. It is therefore a critically important macroeconomic issue.

Worth Knowing

Israel is characterized by a low level of basic skills, even though the number of years of formal education in Israel is higher than the OECD average.
Low skills are a significant factor contributing to low productivity.


Skill Up: Development of Employee Skills

Goal: To develop low-wage earners’ skills and increasing their productivity through mechanisms for lifelong learning. The Need: The rise in demand for highly skilled workers and the decline in demand for unskilled labor has led to international recognition of the need to develop lifelong learning mechanisms and to continually update skills (upskilling). The PIAAC international […]

Link: Skills Program for E-Commerce

Goals: To create new, flexible, and advanced employment opportunities for populations outside the workforce. To overcome barriers to employment like distance, time, and accessibility. To expose program participants to the field of e-commerce and imparting professional knowledge, tools, and business support to increase their economic mobility. The Need: Link was developed in response to the […]

The National Program for Training Certified Engineers and Technicians

Goals: To improve the fit between the training provided by technological colleges and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for various professions. To increase the quality of human capital in a given field by raising the percentage of workers in that field to 80%. To support workforce integration by ensuring that 80% of certified workers […]

Success Stories

The personal story and success of every program participant is a whole world in itself. We invite you to get to know the people behind the numbers.

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