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How to Leverage the Opportunities Created by Technology Into a Competitive Advantage for the Company | Inbal Fisch

Sep 05, 2021

“The workers that we need are people with logical reasoning abilities, who are able to read the manufacturer’s literature, to understand it, to analyze the problem, and to draw conclusions.  The kind who want to learn on their own and develop.” This was what the Human Resources Manager of a vehicle importer said to me, […]

Growing Together: Job-Hopping within Your Organization | By Daniel Kerenji

May 06, 2021

For starters, a disclaimer: About two years ago, I made a significant career change within the Joint. From the position of Assistant Director General and Knowledge Development Manager at Joint-Ashalim (a division that focuses on socio-economic mobility), I moved to the post of Data Analyst. Effectively, I reskilled and upskilled at the same time. Reinvent […]

Setting the Standard for Remote Work | By Daniella Jawno

Apr 28, 2021

Much has been said about the changes in the workaday world brought on by technology and the “work-life balance” between one’s career and personal life. The discussion has taken on a new dimension over the past year during the coronavirus pandemic with the advent of working from home (WFH). The world transitioned virtually overnight to […]

Now Is the Time: The Power of One Visit a Week | By Maggie Gad

Apr 11, 2021

At the end of 2020, there were about 174,500 Holocaust survivors living in Israel with an average age of 85. Some 50 percent of them report experiencing loneliness. Most suffer from significant physical, cognitive and emotional decline which also affects their ability to function socially. A new study by the National Initiative for Alleviating Loneliness […]

Women and Aging: A Reinvention of Identity | By Naomi Keren

Mar 10, 2021 One Comment

I recently organized a conference for Joint-Eshel entitled “Older Women – Forging New Paths,” which focused on the crossroads between femininity and aging. The event was held in partnership with the “Women and their Bodies” (WTB) organization and the Migdal insurance company. I have found growing interest in this subject in light of International Women’s […]

On Bees, Lawyers, and Values | Efrat Lupo-Moskovitch

Mar 04, 2021

When we applied for the Accelerator Program sponsored by Hackaveret (Israel’s social innovation hub), we didn’t really know what to expect. Hackaveret is Hebrew for “beehive” and is also a play on words on “hack.” It was founded by the Joint and the National Insurance Funds. Fresh Start (Daf Hadash), our new non-profit, was just […]

COVID-19 and Retirement | By Vardit Itzhakey Leibov

Jan 18, 2021

Has the coronavirus summoned us all to retirement? This question has perplexed me since the outbreak of the pandemic. As director of a program for independent living for senior citizens at Joint-Eshel, I work with my team to bring change. And like everyone else, I myself need to adapt to a rapidly changing world. So […]

2020 in Review: From Crisis to Opportunity

Jan 10, 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel last March created a new and different reality. The crisis has dramatic medical, social and economic consequences, so it is important to identify and generate opportunities for the most vulnerable populations in Israeli society so they can emerge stronger. Shaul Chen, 77, from the coastal city of […]

The COVID-19 Reality for Families with Young Children | By Noa Ben-David

Jan 03, 2021

The first Coronavirus lockdown reinforced one of the most important needs for early childhood development—family interaction. Yet parents were not adequately equipped to combine work with child education, nor were they prepared for the transition between emergency and routine situations. The pandemic is unlike anything the Israeli public has experienced before, highlighting the need for […]

Disability as a Source of Power | By Yifat Klein

Dec 29, 2020

Establishing self-identity among youth with disabilities is a great challenge, but doing so clears a path to success. I sat there thinking to myself that this is perhaps the most important thing I have ever done. I could see the wheels in their heads turning, the pieces of the puzzle connecting, a realization. Yes, they […]

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