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COVID-19 and Retirement | By Vardit Itzhakey Leibov

Jan 18, 2021

Has the coronavirus summoned us all to retirement? This question has perplexed me since the outbreak of the pandemic. As director of a program for independent living for senior citizens at Joint-Eshel, I work with my team to bring change. And like everyone else, I myself need to adapt to a rapidly changing world. So […]

2020 in Review: From Crisis to Opportunity

Jan 10, 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Israel last March created a new and different reality. The crisis has dramatic medical, social and economic consequences, so it is important to identify and generate opportunities for the most vulnerable populations in Israeli society so they can emerge stronger. Shaul Chen, 77, from the coastal city of […]

The COVID-19 Reality for Families with Young Children | By Noa Ben-David

Jan 03, 2021

The first Coronavirus lockdown reinforced one of the most important needs for early childhood development—family interaction. Yet parents were not adequately equipped to combine work with child education, nor were they prepared for the transition between emergency and routine situations. The pandemic is unlike anything the Israeli public has experienced before, highlighting the need for […]

Disability as a Source of Power | By Yifat Klein

Dec 29, 2020

Establishing self-identity among youth with disabilities is a great challenge, but doing so clears a path to success. I sat there thinking to myself that this is perhaps the most important thing I have ever done. I could see the wheels in their heads turning, the pieces of the puzzle connecting, a realization. Yes, they […]

More to Learn about How to Treat Aging | By Amanda Klahr

Dec 16, 2020

As a clinical specialist in geriatrics and director of the Misgav Rehabilitation Centers, I am used to treating a very specific population of older adults, namely the frail. These are people who experience a decline in physical, mental and cognitive functions which in turn may affect their ability for social interaction. In my additional role […]

The COVID Digital Revolution | Dr. Sigal Shelach, CEO of JDC Israel

Dec 10, 2020

The global Coronavirus crisis did not miss Israel. Like other pandemics throughout history, here too the age-old practice of social distancing has been employed to try to curb the spread of the disease. However, the long period of social distancing and self-isolation has far-reaching implications for the Israeli economy, labor market, education, and health care […]

Urban Renewal: Good News for the Weaker Populations in Israel | Yair Kamaisky

Dec 09, 2020

Urban renewal is a process in which a residential area that is deteriorating—physically, socially or otherwise—is restored and becomes part of a healthy neighborhood. The State of Israel has a chronic shortage of land for construction due to its small size and large population, which is growing at a significantly higher pace than any other […]

FROM CRISIS TO OPPORTUNITY: People with Disabilities in the Shadow of COVID-19 | By Efrat Stern

Dec 03, 2020

Every year, December 3rd marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, emphasizing their equal rights to participate fully in all areas of life, just like other citizens. Ensuring the participation of people with disabilities in society is not only a matter of basic human rights, but also an essential condition for socio-economic development. It […]

Social Entrepreneurship during COVID-19 | Gili Swary and Sa’eed Diabat

Nov 19, 2020

What does ‘social entrepreneurship’ mean? Social entrepreneurship is any attempt to find a solution to a societal, educational or environmental problem. It is an effort to create new contacts and partnerships in order to come up with an effective response. The development process can result in a service, a new product, or an innovative approach […]

We All Pay the Debt | By Adi Blutner

Oct 29, 2020

Imagine that you are walking on a hot, sunny day on a path without shade, and you are trying to get somewhere—to work, to the grocery store, to pick up the kids from school. Beads of sweat are accumulating on your forehead, and suddenly, out of nowhere, you come to a wall. It is a […]

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