• Helping the education system improve students’ achievements, hone personal and social skills, and build self-confidence in order to advance their potential for social mobility
  • Enriching the tools available to children for successful integration into society and the work force
  • Raising parents’ and students’ awareness about the cause-and-effect relationship of leisure time on life skills and academic achievement
  • Developing a sense of personal and social responsibility towards the environment and community
  • Mitigating resentment and hostility among the various population groups in Israel

The Need:

Communities dealing with complex social issues need to develop a comprehensive model based on strategic planning, identifying problems and mobilizing networks and organizations to work together for change.


The “Communities in Focus” model helps implement a multi-year education program for each participating community, from kindergarten to high school. The urban planning initiative connects the Ministry of Education, the Budgets Department, school principals, professionals, parents and community leaders. A community forum was established to monitor students’ achievements and performance while identifying weak links in the educational ecosystem. Digital tracking evaluates each district’s progress. These tools enable a smooth process of evaluation, examination and oversight.