To help at-risk young adults realize their potential and integrate into, and contribute to, society while securing a more prosperous future for them and their families.

To establish infrastructure and services across government ministries and sectors to work together for a better quality of life among vulnerable young adults.

The Need:

The lack of financial and emotional support, combined with systemic and social barriers, affects the ability of at-risk young adults to meet the demands of adulthood and integrate into society. Young adults at risk are defined as 18- to 25-year-olds who suffer from poor education, low employment prospects, and low-level skills; who experience emotional and physical distress; and have no real sense of being an effective participant in Israeli society.

Target Population:

Approximately 200,000 young people in Israel are at various degrees of risk. According to the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, only about 30% receive partial assistance.


The program will work toward the advancement of young people in four key areas: education, employment, and skills; physical health and personal safety; mental health and wellbeing; family and social belonging. This is accomplished through personal services including professional counseling, guidance, and supervision; as well as steering committees to take action at the national, local, and community level.