To create a model for providing affordable housing to people with disabilities that supports long-term independent living in the community.

To pilot the model by purchasing 25 apartments for people with disabilities who are not eligible for public housing.

The Need:

People with disabilities struggle to find long-term housing solutions. Part of the problem is financial, as it is for most low-wage earners in Israel, and another part stems from special needs. As a safety net, Israel invests substantial resources in housing for people with disabilities such as group homes and supervised apartments.

However, these options are expensive and don’t always allow people to integrate into society and live full lives. A viable, cost-effective alternative is independent living within the community, which can be achieved with government assistance.

Target Population:

People with disabilities who are recognized by the National Insurance Institute as being unable to work and who are eligible for rent subsidies according to the criteria of the Ministry of Construction and Housing.


The program will test the feasibility of our model for buying apartments for people with disabilities and will work to increase and regulate rent assistance, free up capital for the purchase of apartments, provide consultation during the acquisition process, and secure family assistance.