To move Israel’s model for social service provision for people with disabilities from one that is based on the “main” type of disability to one that is person-centered and tailored to each individual’s unique set of needs

To save costs in social services through this model by ensuring that services provided match needs

The Need:

People with disabilities want to live, love, work, and realize their potential just like anyone else. But today in Israel, service provision is usually based on what is identified as the “main” disability. This generic approach overlooks the wide variation between individuals’ temperaments, priorities, circumstances, abilities, and resources, as well as the differences in needs between people with one disability and those with multiple disabilities.  As a result, the current system often falls short of meeting people’s needs and wastes valuable national resources in the process.

The Program:

  • Customizing care that integrates new and existing services
  • Developing new services (such as financial management) for more personalized care
  • Expanding criteria for eligibility and payment arrangements
  • Training professionals in various positions in providing person-centered services