To develop a sustainable model that expands rehabilitation therapy for older people.

To incorporate the following five elements into the model: providing community intervention; providing centralized and preventive care; promoting a healthy lifestyle; involving the community in health maintenance and referral of patients to Misgav; and increasing professional supervision of older adults.

The Need:

In light of the dramatic rise in life expectancy and in the number of older people with disabilities, the need for rehabilitative intervention has increased. There is currently a shortage of geriatric rehabilitation facilities in Israel, inequality in services between centrally located cities and those in the geographic periphery, absence of a common standard for therapy, and lack of awareness of the importance of rehabilitating older people.

Target Population:

Older adults in functional decline due to an acute or chronic illness, and those in need of activities to preserve motor and cognitive functions.


The plan is in the implementation stages. It includes:

  • Developing a professional, operational, and economic model for rehabilitative geriatrics
  • Activating the model with the help of organizations, associations, and businesses, and finding the optimal conditions for implementing it
  • Investing in research to test the model
  • Financing HMOs to enable implementation