To provide specialized care based on variables such as age, background, health and environment, and to postpone the need for institutional assistance.

The Need:

The Supportive Community program was developed by Joint-Eshel and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services to assist older adults who want to live at home and maintain an independent lifestyle.

Target Population:

People aged 62-67 at all levels of physical and mental competence, in urban and rural areas (moshavim and kibbutzim), and across all segments of the population.


The program is run by staff members (community leader, social worker, project coordinator) who take a holistic approach to participants’ changing needs, maintaining frequent personal contact and a viable network of support. The community leader, known as a “father” or “mother,” is responsible for everything from repairs in the apartment to emergency situations.

In addition, the program offers a broad range of public services tailored to personal preferences and needs.