To develop solutions for students at risk facing difficulties with learning and integrating into the ultra-Orthodox education system. To help boys’ schools locate, evaluate, and treat students at risk

The Need:

Since learning Torah full-time is viewed as a critical value in ultra-Orthodox society, learning difficulties, risk behaviors, dropout, and transitioning to alternative education are sweeping social problems. In addition, a shortage of professionals in counseling, psychology, and welfare leads to the neglect of students who do not fit the ideal of the Torah institution.

Target Population:

Educators and students at ultra-Orthodox boys’ schools.


Educational institutions: Integration of practice-based learning and teaching methods tailored to suit at-risk students in ultra-Orthodox schools; acquisition of knowledge, tools, and skills for teachers to address the full range of needs of at-risk students and their families – emotional, social, and educational.

Professional development for educators: intensive training programs for teachers, principals, and supervisors dealing with students at risk. Recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Formal education track (compatible with an academic degree in education): specialization of teaching staff and opening new training programs in educational therapy to help students prone to dropping out or engaging in risky behavior.