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Whizz’dm – Distributed Digital Design

A remote framework for developing services and products that makes it possible to achieve tangible, implementable outcomes in a short time. The model allows for flexibility in time and place, integration of individual and team work, and optimal realization of the personal skills, knowledge, and expertise of a remote team. Partners: Whiteboard

Website 2020

From Lemons to Lemonade: Adapting to Remote Work in the Public Sector

We hear a lot about the cons of working from home, but we shouldn’t overlook the pros The article can be found here

Website 2020

Emergency Activities to Help Optimize Public Systems

Joint-Elka’s emergency activities are designed to help its partners in government, local municipalities and society implement their tasks in the long term Partners: UJA-Federation of New York, the Russell Berrie Foundation, Vivmar Foundation, Penni and Steve Weinberg

Document / Presentation 2020

The Next Normal: A Three-Phased Approach to Handling the Coronavirus

The presentation explores the consequences and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic based on discussions with experts, studies, articles and reports from Israel and beyond  

Document / Presentation 2020

Governance and Regional Collaborations: Challenges and Opportunity

This document explores the challenges posed to local and regional governance in light of of the growing potential regional collaborations. According to research and knowledge from the field, regional clusters enable effective governance and may even strengthen the abilities of local authorities Partners: Ministry of Interior

Document / Presentation 2015

Apart and Together: Constructing Government-Civil Society Organization Partnerships

The document presents the processes and motivation underlying the change in relations between government and the civil sector. It clarifies the relevant conceptual context, and presents an analysis of the preconditions, characteristics, principles, tools and main insights from a study on establishing a constructed partnership between the government and civil society organizations Partners: UJA-Federation of […]

Document / Presentation 2013

A Model for Cooperation between Government Ministries: Executive Summary

A guide to proper planning and management of partnerships Partners: Civil Service Commission, Insights

Document / Presentation 2013

Types of Government-Society Relations

The article covers four terms which try to express the changing orientation of the state in recent decades and the ever-changing government-public dynamic Partners: The Government of Israel

Document / Presentation 2012

Measuring Well-Being: A Tool for Regional Progress

Well-being indicators are increasingly used as a tool for forming public policy in many cities and countries around the world. These indicators are part of a strong worldwide trend in economic research, and are now well accepted as a central tool for estimating and promoting the well-being of societies. Moreover, they are acknowledged as effective […]

Document / Presentation 2012

Capitalizing on the Relative Advantage

One of the main challenges many peripheral local municipalities face is how to succeed in being effective, even when the strain of missions and services increases. Many countries are promoting regional cooperation to optimize size advantage to improve efficiency, strategic thinking, leadership development and resident services Partners: Government of Israel

Document / Presentation 2012
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