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Application Model for Regional Economic Development

This study examines how plans to bolster Northern Israel can be implemented effectively. It outlines the basic principles necessary to promote regional processes, and provides tools for planning and executing local economic growth initiatives. Partners: Russell Berrie Foundation  

Document / Presentation 2021

Designing Health Innovation Programs in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

This study provides an analysis of global health needs and priorities, and identify opportunities for innovation and technology in low-income countries (LICs) and middle-income countries (MICs), with a particular focus on Ethiopia and South Africa. Tags: Health & Digital Health, Innovation, International Development, Start Ups, SDGs, Israel Start Ups, Emerging Markets

Document / Presentation 2021

TOV Investor Report

JDC, the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian organization, also assists non-Jewish communities in distress in the spirit of “Tikkun Olam”, repairing the world. The TOV model is based on a revolving fund: once TOV farmers lift themselves and their families out of chronic poverty, they replenish the reserve by paying back their loans for the next […]

Document / Presentation 2021

The Better Together Program in Kiryat Shemona and Arrabe

An evaluation report on the coronavirus crisis community solutions for individuals and families in vulnerable Israeli neighborhoods participating in the Better Together program. Better Together is a Joint-Ashalim program developed to strengthen social mobility. דו”ח מחקר בנושא פתרונות קהילתיים לפרטים ומשפחות בשכונות חלשות במהלך משבר הקורונה בישראל במסגרת תכנית מוטב יחדיו – ג’וינט אשלים, התומכת […]

Document / Presentation 2020

Survey: Effects of COVID-19 on Older Adults in Israel (May 2020)

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, JDC-Eshel was asked to study and estimate the virus’ impact on the metrics for the successful aging of Israel’s 65+ population. Together with the ERI Research Institute we conducted a survey based on the mapped indicators, the results of which are presented here.

Document / Presentation 2020

Effects of COVID on Israel’s Older Adults (2nd Survey)

The presentation outlines the effects of the coronavirus on senior citizens, according to a new survey, and behaviors that can reduce functional and emotional decline. Partners: ERI Institute

Document / Presentation 2020

Women’s Livelihoods and Resilience in Complex and Volatile Environments: Executive Summary

This report explores best practices in the implementation of women’s livelihood programs

Document / Presentation 2020

Women’s Livelihoods and Resilience in Complex and Volatile Environments

An analysis of needs, best practices, and recommendations on sustainable livelihood strategies for women living in crisis and post-crisis settings and areas prone to disasters

Document / Presentation 2020

The Next Normal: A Three-Phased Approach to Handling the Coronavirus

The presentation explores the consequences and opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic based on discussions with experts, studies, articles and reports from Israel and beyond  

Document / Presentation 2020

Only 20% of Older Adults Eligible for Rehabilitation Receive It

Ten billion NIS a year is invested in nursing, yet less than one billion NIS is spent on rehabilitation.

Document / Presentation 2019
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