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The Joint has been able to support the development of social infrastructures and community services in over 70 countries. Operating as an independent global organization, the Joint has the unique ability to establish partnerships with foreign governments, municipalities, local and global NGO’s, and other players throughout the industry promoting and developing social solutions for positive aging on local, regional, national, and international levels.

We are happy to share the significant professional knowledge in adapting, scaling, and sustaining social solutions for the elderly that we have developed over the recent decades.  This knowledge was acquired through training over 3,000 professionals in 80 courses each year and helping thousands of service providers establish dozens of different services.

Enhance your community - Our Programs



Successful Israeli models tailored to suit your community’s needs, including field visits, trainings and textbooks.

  • Home Support – Sustainable independent living in a Supportive Community helps postpone institutionalization.
  • Community Support – Multiservice day centers offer various services to elders and their caregivers.


Full Access to our extensive knowledge and products, including professional training, literature, innovative digital tools, and more

  • Reducing Loneliness
  • Addressing Social & Emotional Needs
  • Activities for the Homebound
  • Preserving Cognitive & Physical Abilities
  • Detection of Early-stage Dementia


Professional policy and scale consultancy, assessment and planning of long-term care systems, reducing institutionalization, and increasing service usage in the community.

Our National Optimal Aging Dashboard, adopted by the Israeli government is an innovative shared set of indicators for:

  • Determining and Measuring levels of optimal aging
  • Guiding policymaking
  • Budget Allocation and Impact
  • Development of new services

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Some of our partners around the world

Let's Talk

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