Voices of The Joint

Left to right: Dr. Judah J. Shapiro (education and culture director), Blanche Bernstein (head of Budget and Research; Edward M. M. Warburg (Chairman); Kate Mendel (Belgium Director; Henry Levy (Czechoslovakia Director); and Moses Beckelmen (vice-chairman of European Headquarters) at JDC’s 1948 Conference on Jewish Relief and Rehabilitation in Paris

Old Friends: Joint Staff of the 1940s | by Ayala Levin-Kruss

Oct 27, 2020

Something tells me that you generally don’t associate cataloging work with (harmless) gossip, seeing friends, the thrill of celebrity spotting, or mourning national tragedies. I’d like to dispel that impression a bit. In my work in the Jerusalem JDC Historical Archives, it has been very exciting to come across material on Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonard Bernstein, […]

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