ActiveNet is a digital information system that increases the use of data and services to preserve motor and cognitive functions. Customized features enable older adults to perform a self-examination, locate services, and receive recommendations for assistance in their area of residence.

For policymakers, the system can be used as a data base for analysis and planning in order to bridge the gaps between the needs of senior citizens and the response of local government.

The Need:

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle has a beneficial effect on morbidity and mortality. There are a variety of services in the community to help prevent physical and mental deterioration.

However, the demand for these services is low due to a lack of knowledge and awareness among older people and a lack of vision among service providers and professionals. Making services accessible in a personalized and user-friendly manner can motivate older adults to make optimal use of available benefits. This will contribute to the national effort to maintain the health and increase the lifespan of older adults in Israel. Target

Target Population:

Senior citizens living independently and those in the early stages of functional decline


  • Developing a digital database to help senior citizens find wellness and rehabilitation services
  • Developing tools to provide personal recommendations and motivation for their implementation
  • Raising awareness about a healthy lifestyle and preventive treatment among the general public and health care professionals