To provide senior citizens and their families with a support system that enables them to live an independent and normal life at home. To encourage and create opportunities for social involvement in the community. To ensure access to services, help maintain and strengthen functional ability, prevent deterioration, and postpone the need for assisted living.

The Need:

Joint-Eshel’s Day Centers empower older adults to continue living in their own homes while receiving physical and emotional support. A network of community-based services helps prevent or delay dependency, hospitalization, and institutionalization.

Target Population:

Seniors experiencing physical and mental decline who reside at home.


The centers provide a holistic approach to each individual, offering a variety of fitness and cognitive activities to help meet their needs physically, emotionally and socially.

Two meals are served daily, along with nursing care, case management and therapy. Members can participate in exercise classes, interactive games, arts and crafts, music, gardening, discussion groups and lectures.

There are two Day Center models: one for those in physical decline, and one for those with cognitive impairments such as dementia. These centers operate independently, either as two units in the same building or in separate locations. A single facility may alternate daily between the patrons it serves.

The centers are based on the concept of providing solutions to the social needs of older adults while relieving the burden on their families.