5-Year Strategic Plan for Optimal Aging in Israel (2021-2025)

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2020 was a watershed year – the world experienced a pandemic, many lost their lives or their loved ones, others lost their source of income, and we all lost our familiar routines. The older adult population was in the headlines as a high-risk group.

Geriatric institutions were in the line of fire, and infection within them was fatal. Those living in the community isolated in their homes for long periods. Families, the community, and government authorities mobilized to provide immediate assistance. As the weeks went by the understanding sank in that we are in the midst of an ongoing event. Emergency became routine, and with it the need to prepare for an extended long-term effort based on updated information, pooled resources, and creative, practical solutions.

Partners: The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry for Social Equality, the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Insurance Institute

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