The Grove of the Fallen in memory of the martyrs of City Ashkelon

After Tu BeShvat and in the shadows of the Iron Swords War, the Grove of the Fallen in memory of the martyrs of City Ashkelon was inagurated. We are excited to take part in the establishment of the grove, the fruit of a collaborative initiative between Ashkelon municipality and the organization.

meshiv haroach

The grove is part of the “Blow the Wind Again” project, in which we, together with the city people and the municipality, develop and operate different programs that are already operating and will operate in the future, whose goal and purpose is the rehabilitation and strengthening of personal security and the community’s resilience.

The grove, in memory of the 30 fallen ones—the men and women murdered in the Iron Swords War—the citizens of the city of Ashkelon—will serve as a place where people can come and gather beneath the fruit trees and also learn about the heroic actions and life stories of the fallen men and women.

In a moving ceremony, the daughters and sons of the families of the fallen had come to the ceremony and planted a tree in memory of the beloved ones. The ceremony took place in the presence of the mayor, Tomer Glam, and the people of the municipality, delegates of Yad Labanim Ashkelon, the bereaved families, the city’s youth, and people of the Joint led by the global organization president, Anni Sandler, CEO of Joint-Elka, Ori Gil, and CEO of Joint-Eshel, Yossi Hymann.

At the end of the ceremony, the fulfillment of the place’s testament began – youth boys and girls from movements and different youth organizations that operate in the city were sitting under the fruit trees and minded in their businesses the fascinating stories of the fallen men and women.

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