Donate: A Crowd Funding Campaign for Communities in Mixed Cities

“Common Ground” is a crowdfunding campaign that we at The Joint are launching together with civil society organizations in mixed Jewish-Arab towns to restore and renovate shared community spaces – kindergartens, parks, and joint-use facilities. The campaign will focus on Acre, Lod, and Ramla.

The rioting that broke out in these towns in May 2021 unleashed deep tensions between Jews and Arabs, resulting in damage to the fragile fabric of relations between them and to the shared spaces that served as a meeting place for all residents in the past. Repairing and renovating these shared areas, with the funding support of all Israelis, conveys a significant social message and provides a tailwind for those determined to repair the physical and social damage sustained by their communities.

We believe a society’s resilience depends on the resilience of its constituent parts. Together with local organizations in Lod, Acco and Ramla, we are working from within the community for the community in urging all members of Israeli society to mobilize for a joint effort of physical renewal and rehabilitation in the mixed towns and restoration of trust in the affected communities.

How will it work?

The initiative is comprised of two stages:

Crowdfunding: Together with community organizations in Lod, Ramla, and Acre, we are calling on all Israelis to mobilize for the effort of restoring damaged public spaces in these towns. All of the money raised will go directly to local organizations implementing the project in the affected communities.

Professional oversight of the rehabilitation work. Joint-Ashalim professionals along with local government authorities will accompany the communities in disbursing the funding to strengthen and rebuild.

How Can I Help?

  • Donate (anonymous donations accepted)
  • Spread the word among all your contacts
  • Join the team of campaign ambassadors

To donate directly to communities in Lod – Click Here

To donate directly to communities in Acre – Click Here

To donate directly to communities in Ramla – Click Here

Please share as much as possible!

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