Recovering from the Coronavirus: Developing Skills for Workers Returning from Unemployment

A new Joint-TEVET pilot program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, will help train workers returning to their jobs after layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to encourage reintegration into the workforce and adapt both businesses and employees to changes in the labor market.

The project was launched in the wake of new National Insurance Institutprotocols which provide proportional government grants to unemployed people returning to work in order to compensate for a decrease in wages. It was integrated into Joint-TEVETSkill-Up program which develops skills for low-wage earners and helps increase productivity at work.  

This gives the unemployed an opportunity to return to their jobs, even if part-time or at lower pay. The program also helps businesses that have suffered financially to continue operating while retaining employees and training new ones.

The pilot combines work with the development of skills adapted to the evolving labor market. It subsidizes 80% of a training course, up to NIS 10,000 ($3,125) per employee. The course is chosen by the employer according to the needs of the business.

Employees also participate in an innovative workshop to develop the digital and self-learning skills required for a job market that is constantly changing, especially in these days of the pandemic. Funding is provided for employees over the age of 22 who do not have a college degree or professional certification and who earn up to NIS 11,250 ($3,500) per month.

‘A WIN-WIN-WIN’: Einav Aharoni-Younes

“The new model we built is a win-win-win,” says Einav Aharoni-Younes, director general of Joint-TEVET. “Workers get relevant training at no cost while remaining on the job and benefiting from an increase in pay. Employers are able to upgrade their workforce based on their needs. And the state can take advantage of the interim period of the coronavirus to develop human capital in Israel through training and developing skills.”

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This article was also published on the Maariv news website

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