The App that Looks after Your Folks

NEXT GENERATION: A New Way to Communicate

An app recently developed by INVISICARE in collaboration with Joint-Eshel helps family members make sure that all is well with their parents. By analyzing different patterns of behavior in older people, the software detects whether there is a change or problem that requires the attention of their children.

INVISICARE’s Sensor-Free Sensing™ and Blind Algorithm™ technology examines encrypted data from telecom companies to identify situations in which intervention is recommended. To access this information, family members simply install an app on their mobile phones and invite their parents to join via text message.

Once parents approve, changes in their daily routine can be monitored. For example: How long does it take for them to answer the phone? How many calls do they make per day? Do they leave the house as often as they used to? How much television do they watch? Has their social activity decreased? And so on.

If the app discovers anything unusual, it alerts loved ones and suggests practical ways to help. Grandchildren love it too.

“INVISICARE is cool,” says Judith, 19. “At the beginning, I really liked when it told me to call my grandparents and chat with them. Now it’s part of my life.”

Will Parents Be Aware of the App?

The answer according to the developers is absolutely not! Family members are only notified if something is wrong, so privacy is guaranteed.

INVISICARE does not require sensors, distress buttons, bracelets and the like. It’s invisible. After the app is downloaded, parents are connected and safe and families can ease their minds.

For more information and to download the app

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