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The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is Israel’s leading center for applied social policy and human services research. Its mission is to develop knowledge with the express purpose of increasing the effectiveness with which Israeli society addresses critical challenges, to enhance the well-being of its citizens and to expand opportunities for its most vulnerable members.

Since 1974, the prestigious Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB) has been involved in Israel’s most important national social initiatives, using cutting-edge research to contribute to and inform significant social policy and program reforms.

The Myers-JDC Brookdale Institute has multi-year funding agreements with various ministries of the Government of Israel and builds long-term programmatic agendas together with those ministries. MJB’s current areas of focus are (in alphabetical order):

Aging, Arab Population in Israel, Children and Youth, Disabilities, Economics Service, Employment, Health Policy, Quality Assurance and Outcomes, Social Inclusion. In addition, MJB has been working with the GOI since October 2023 to address the current and future impact of the war, and this work is expected to continue.

The Institute’s ability to impact meaningful positive change in Israeli society is accomplished as a result of its longstanding ability and reputation for:

  • Producing independent, relevant, and trusted information
  • Engaging intensively with strategic national and local decision makers
  • Promoting actions based on research findings
  • Exchanging knowledge and best practices with the international community
  • Serving Israel and the Jewish world.

The Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is seeking a Director. The Director’s primary objective is to build the future legacy of MJB by developing and implementing the vision for the Institute’s future, facilitating groundbreaking research, preserving and strengthening the relationships with government ministries and other partners, and providing the greatest impact on the betterment of Israeli society.

MJB has an engaged group of lay leaders who play an important role in the strategic direction of the Institute. For external and programmatic strategic matters, the Director will report jointly to this lay body, and to the CEO of JDC or an appropriate senior executive of JDC designated by the CEO.

For operational, managerial, administrative, and other day-to-day matters, the Director will report to the CEO of JDC or an appropriate senior executive of JDC designated by the CEO.



The Director leads the Institute’s professional team. S/he develops and implements the vision for the Institute’s future, its overall research strategy and annual work plan. The Director is responsible for determining the research priorities of the Institute in concert with key stakeholders. S/he is responsible for providing professional guidance in key areas including maintaining the highest level of research quality within the organization by setting state-of-the-art research goals and using advanced methodologies. S/he is responsible for the final approval of all publications disseminated by the Institute.

External Relations

The Director, as the primary public representative of the Institute, is charged with building and enhancing the Institute’s relationships, and reinforcing the Institute’s values and mission at every opportunity and among all stakeholders. S/he is responsible for preserving and strengthening the relationships with relevant government ministries and other Israeli partners. S/he maintains relations with academic research centers in Israel and abroad and builds collaborations and partnerships where warranted and feasible.


The Director holds responsibility for the managerial oversight of the Institute. S/he must ensure a sustainable financial model for MJB; s/he has oversight of decisions regarding staff hiring and retention and all other managerial decisions, within the rubric of JDC’s global guidelines. S/he oversees the planning, implementation and evaluation of the work of MJB, and develops short- and long-term strategic plans to implement the vision of the Institute. S/he is responsible for building and maintaining strong and effective relationships with the lay leadership of the Institute.

Resource Development

The Director is responsible for fundraising for the Institute including securing funds toward the annual budget and expanding the endowment. S/he will work in collaboration with MJB’s lay leadership and JDC’s Resource Development Department to develop MJB’s fundraising strategy.


What are we looking for in the MJB Director?

  • A strategic, innovative thinker with a passion for Israeli social research.
  • A leader with presence, vision and humility.
  • Identification with the mission statement of the Institute and an inner drive to realize its fulfillment.
  • Commitment to grow and maintain the Institute’s reputation for excellence and reliability.
  • Previous international exposure through education or employment.


  • A deep understanding of the role of research in social policy.
  • Recognized expertise related to the Institute’s areas of specialty with a demonstrated capacity for applied research and intellectual leadership.
  • Advanced academic degree Ph.D. degree in relevant field; academic professorship preferred.
  • Conceptual and strategic analytical capacity and ability to thoroughly evaluate critical matters pertaining to a broad spectrum of socio-economic and social policy issues using statistical quantification methods. Ability to identify and develop new areas of relevant and meaningful research, bringing them to the social agenda to promote data-based decision-making. Open to and encouraging of development of new research methodologies.
  • Demonstrated capacity for original and creative thought.


  • Experience and familiarity with government entities.
  • Engagement and interface with key government decision makers and politicians.
  • Experience working with highly engaged lay leaders and donors.
  • Outstanding communications skills.


  • Proven managerial capacity: significant experience managing a large organization.
  • Strategic planning and management skills; capacity to administer financial resources and exercise appropriate supervision.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to foster effective working relations.
  • Ability to guide and mentor researchers and cultivate their ability to engage in independent research.


  • Demonstrated understanding of the role of philanthropy
  • Experience and successful track record in financial resource development.
  • Excellent communication (spoken, written, and presentation) skills in English and Hebrew.


Worthy and interested candidates are requested to send their resumes in English and Hebrew including a cover letter in English.

Confidentiality will be respected. Applications will be received until a candidate has been chosen to fill the position.

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