Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Public System.

At Joint Elka, we work to maximize the ability of public systems in Israel to provide social services to the residents of the State of Israel in an efficient and effective manner.

Together with our partners in government, local and regional authorities, in the social and business sector, we work to identify system challenges and to drive change processes to improve them.

We believe that better systems, produce better services, enable a better life for everyone.


What are System Challenges?

When we talk about "system" we mean several organizations operating in one content arena. For example, the health system consists of the Ministry of Health, the health funds, health associations, early childhood welfare organizations, start-ups and business companies in the field of health etc.
A systemic challenge is a failure and a barrier in the system that repeats itself over and over again, making it difficult to provide services, frustrating service providers and recipients, and harming those who need them. These challenges are not unique to a specific social problem, but characterize a variety of problems and affect the entire public service system.

"When good people come up against bad systems, bad systems always win"


Local Authorities

Social sector (NGO's)

Business sector

We work to solve wide-ranging systemic challenges Therefore we:

Are committed to unravelling the complexity of public systems

to reduce disparities and improve services

By means of an exceptional fabric of inter-sectoral partnerships

together with representatives of government, local government and the civil and business sectors

To reduce disparities and improve services 

for the benefits of all residents of Israel

The Winning Combination

Expertise in complex systems

The unique ability to deal with complex systemic challenges; Deep familiarity with the working methods, the structure, the system, the decision-making processes of the public system.


The team is made up of professionals who are the best in their field, specializing in systemic, multi-sectoral work, building partnerships, development, modelling and leading processes.

The Joint

We are part of The Joint - a long-standing, strong, stable and financially sound international organization. The Joint has extensive experience in the development and implementation of social services in Israel and a reputation for high quality and professionalism.


Joint Elka has a strategic partnership with the Israeli government that provides access to senior decision makers and an understanding of needs and constraints. The organization also operates within the government and at the same time outside it.

MAP - Our unique roadmap through systemic change

  • Focus on creating the right mindset among decision makers in order to advance responses to systemic challenges, from a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of such responses.

  • Focus on imparting the capabilities and skills required to lay the foundation and establish, and to manage sustainable responses and solutions to systemic challenges.

  • The focus of this axis is on the system and its ability to enable and promote cross-sectoral collaborations to solve systemic challenges; structuring arrangements, mechanisms and work methods that enable and improve it.

Joint Elka Team

Joint Elka Team

Joint Elka's team consists of skilled passionate professionals. The team specializes in systemic, multi-sectoral work, building partnerships, developing, modelling and leading change processes. We, as a team, are committed to reducing the challenges facing Israel's public systems and empowering social services.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Our programs and processes focus on systemic and infrastructure change, aimed at strengthening the system's capabilities to operate efficiently and effectively, and on leadership development. Together these create change within Israel's public systems.

Our Partners

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