System Challenges

What is a system challenge?

When we talk about a “system” we mean several organizations operating in one content area. For example, Israel’s health system consists of the Ministry of Health, the HMOs, health NGOs, well baby clinics, and health start-ups and businesses etc.

A systemic challenge is a systemic failure and barrier that repeats itself over and over again, making it difficult to provide services, frustrating service providers and recipients, and harming those who need them. These challenges are not unique to one specific social problem, but rather characterize a variety of problems and affect the entire public service system.

“When good people come up against bad systems, bad systems always win”

The system challenges that we focus on:

Cross-Sector Collaboration

Promoting coordination and cooperation between government ministries, local government, civil society organizations and the business world improving social services....

Resource Utilization

Optimal utilization of government resources by local authorities will help realize the potential quality of life of residents and reduce disparities....


Strengthening and implementing the concept of Regionalism in Israel for the benefit of economic growth and reducing disparities, along with promoting social cohesion and regional resilience....


Leading the digital revolution together with Israel's public sector in a bid to provide the best social services....

Quality Assurance of Social Services

Promoting the quality of public services in Israel by placing the person at the center....

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