Quality Assurance of Social Services

Promoting the quality of public services in Israel by placing the person at the center.

The Challenge

Public services in Israel are not effective and efficient enough. In essence, they focus on barriers, challenges and the needs of the system and are not designed to respond to the needs of the individual.

Our Response

Promoting more efficient public services which are focused on the needs of the people and achieving the best results for the people by removing barriers and introducing new information and work methods.

Did you know?

Israel's total social procurement budget constitutes 66% of the total procurement budgets in Israel's social ministries, and encompasses about 280 services amounting to more than nine billion NIS per year!

Our Response

The unique MAP intervention model for improving the quality of service

  • The “People at the Center” program seeks to change the government’s approach, from building services from the “top down”, to building services from the “bottom up” around the needs of the individual.

  • Adapting tools that emphasize the way customers experience government social services, for example creating a customer journey that accompanies parents of children with disabilities and designing a compatible digital system.

  • The “incubator” program works to improve outsourced social services by developing advanced methods for writing tenders for those services, and structurally enables government ministries to experience the use of tools and innovative thinking in designing work mechanisms.

More Challenges

Cross-Sector Collaboration

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